Saving Water at Home

You spend a lot of time doing things to your home. You’ve researched ADT Houston, you hired the right painters and you’re even getting eco-conscious in the ways you can give back to your community! Here are a few suggestions for saving more water at homedo your part!
Get a Rain collector – The best gardens collect rain water for irrigation. You won’t be tapping into the city’s supply and you’ll save money, too, and the water that falls from the sky is better for your plants, too!
Don’t Flush as Often – Some people have a hard time with this one but it’s one of the most surefire ways to cut back on your water consumption. If you can stand it, don’t flush half the time.
Take a Shower – Contrary to intuition, taking a shower actually uses less water overall than a bath. Keep your showers shorter than usual (under 8 minutes) and watch your water usage drop even further – it’s good for your skin and for the environment, too! There’s no real reason to languish in the shower except excess.

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