Environmental Initiatives Associated With Water Conservation

Conserving water is something that can be done every day. There are many ways to conserve water that don’t require a big investment of time or money and each member of the family can participate. Some examples: water outside plants with leftover water from cooked vegetables once it has cooled. Catch rain water in clean empty containers for washing cars, water inside plants and even to clean floors or outdoor patio furniture. When it is raining set inside plants outside to water for free.
Environmentally conserving water at every opportunity means less waste, using resources that are already part of our everyday lives and showing by example that we can do our part every day. Turn off the water or adjust the water pressure to use less water when taking showers or shaving. Fill the tub with less water when bathing small children and use an adjustable shower head when it is time to bath the family pet.
When washing clothes, one rinse is usually sufficient and wash once a week instead of every day. Use cold water to wash and rinse each load to save money and time. No matter what methods you use to conserve water, it will benefit everyone.Can’t get enough? There’s more: Joshua and the Cold Shower Mis-Adventure

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