Reasons Why Water Conservation is Important

Without water, all life would of course cease to exist. Anyone, that stops and thinks about it, realizes this fact. People still waste water despite the absolute facts. Part of the problem is the perception of a never-ending supply of water. People living in industrial civilizations take access to water for granted. Many countries and their people do not have the same access, and many do not have access at all.

Water conservation is more than saving money on the water bill although, that is a motivating factor to get people to conserve. People of course cannot live without water, so kicking the habit is not possible although, conservation is possible.

Water runoff contributes to the pollution of lakes and streams. Homeowners love their green grass, as do many businesses. The runoff from the lawns with all the fertilizers and pest control chemicals end up in rivers and lakes. Homeowners can devise a collection system to collect rainwater for watering shrubs and plants. There may come a time when watering lawns may not be possible. Conserving now may help to prevent forced water rationing in the future.

Water seems to be the most wasted of our natural resources. Being aware of how precious water is will help people to conserve water. Conservation will not only help economically it may also help people that do not have access to clean drinking water.

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